Simply Chairs

From the latest trend in the fashionable chairs to luxurious leather chairs - fully leather upholstered or finished in new contemporary fabric designs with wooden components of a solid timber construction. Please browse our collections below.



Altea Sofa
Arianne Love Sofa
Calisto Sofa
La Caracola Sofa

Opera Sofa
My Apple Sofa



Romeo Chair
Lenny chair


Dining Chairs

Albany Natural
Albany Ochre
Albany Red
Albany Teal

Balmoral Scroll Charcoal
Balmoral Scroll Ivory
Balmoral Scroll Taupe
Balmoral Stripe Black

Baxter Black
Baxter Charcoal
Baxter Cinnamon
Baxter Lime

Baxter Plum
Baxter Red
Baxter Burgundy
Baxter Sandbach Lime

Baxter Scroll Charcoal
Baxter Scroll Ivory
Baxter Scroll Grey
Baxter Stripe Duck Egg

Baxter Stripe Red Brown
Baxter Stripe Gold
Baxter Tweed
Baxter Tweed Red

Baxter Tweed Red Brown
Grenada Natural
Grenada Teal
Grenada Red

Grenada Ochre
Henley Natural
Henley Teal
Henley Red

Henley Ochre
Jacob Ivory
Jacob Brown
Jacob Black

Jacob Burgundy
Jessica Natural
Jessica Teal
Jessica Duck Egg Blue

Jessica Red
Kirby Teal
Kirby Beige
Kirby Mink

Kirby Silver Blue
Krista Baroque Mink
Krista Baroque Black
Krista Stripe Red

Krista Stripe Mocha
Krista Stripe Lime
Krista Stripe Duck Egg
Krista Stripe Gold

Krista Stripe Velvet Mink
Krista Stripe Velvet Black
Krista Stripe Velvet Mink
Krista Chenille Beige

Krista Chenille Duck Egg
Krista Decorated Duck Egg
Krista Decorated Amythyst
Krista Decorated Spice

Krista Fleur Sage
Krista Fleur Grey
Krista Fleur Red
Krista Fleur Mushroom

Krista Fleur Duck Egg
Krista Fleur Cream
Krista Check Red
Krista Check Lime

Krista Check Denim
Krista Check Capuccino
Krista Check Brown
Krista Capuccino

Krista Herringbone Brown
Krista Herringbone Lime
Krista Herringbone Denim
Krista Jupiter Aubergine

Krista Jupiter Silver
Krista Jupiter Shiraz
Krista Jupiter Postbox
Krista Jupiter Candy

Krista Madras Ivory
Krista Madras Chocolate
Krista Madras Black
Krista Rio Teal

Krista Rio Red
Krista Rio Ochre
Krista Rio Natural
Krista Rio Duck Egg

Krista Herringbone Lime
Marlow Natural
Marlow Teal

Marlow Red
Marlow Ochre
Marseille Herringbone Brown
Marseille Herringbone Capuccino

Marseille Herringbone Denim
Marseille Herringbone Lime
Marseille Herringbone Stripe Brown
Marseille Herringbone Stripe Capuccino

Marseille Herringbone Stripe Denim
Marseille Herringbone Stripe Lime
Mia Cream
Mia Brown

Modima burgundy
Modima Cream
Modima Chocolate
Modima Black

Paris Chocolate
Paris Charcoal
Richmond Leather Red

Richmond Leather Black
Richmond Leather Brown
Richmond Leather Ivory
Richmond Jupiter Silver

Richmond Jupiter Shiraz
Richmond Jupiter Postbox
Richmond Jupiter Candy
Richmond Jupiter Aubergine

Richmond Check Brown
Richmond Check Cappucino
Richmond Check Lime
Richmond Brown

Richmond Lime
Vienna Beige
Vienna Teal

Vienna Silver
Vienna Mink
Dudley Burgundy
Dudley Mocha

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