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For over 50 years Carlo Furnishers has been producing and supplying beautiful furniture of high quality. Our Bedford showroom is a treasure trove of furniture collections, soft furnishings, home decor and much more- it’s never the same from one day to the next and you are sure to find something that you will love!

Our staff- Therese, Sharon, Mark-Ralph and Gary- are on hand to help you in choosing the pieces that suit you best, guide you through the ordering process and arrange to have your new furniture delivered safely to your door and set in place. If you’re looking for some advice on home decor then have a word with our in-house interior designer, Mark-Ralph. His head is always overflowing with ideas and he’ll be more than happy to share with you his wealth of knowledge and assist you with furnishing your home. 

This is long over due but I have only just found Carlo Furnishers. About 18 months ago I wanted a bespoke Butcher’s Block as I had failed to find one ready made that ticked all the boxes. Although they could not supply the granite the staff at Carlo Furnishers bent over backwards to produce exactly what I wanted and in the time limit I was committed to. Brilliant service and craftsmanship. Thank you Jackie Ward

I went into Carlo Furnishings with an idea in my mind of what I wanted, but due to the vast range of furniture styles, I purchased something’s completely different and better. I will be back for more. Chris Docksey

We brought all of our furniture from Carlo just over 10 years ago now and we are still really happy with our purchases they all still look like the day we brought them we purchased the brooklyn range such solid quality furniture it’s beautiful, due to the childern and having an extended family we have outgrown out dining room table now (of which is still like new) so we will be going back there to seeing if they have an 8 seater table!!! The staff there are very helpful and knowledgeable and somehow always seem to know who you are. Darren Neilson

Carlos was founded by one man- Carlo himself!

Carlo wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, it was most definitely wooden! Throughout his life he has strived to provide for his family, yet he has achieved much more than that. The love and enjoyment that Carlo has for his work is infectious, both for those who have the pleasure of working with him and our customers. It is wonderful to see these customers return with their children, grandchildren, and now we have great-grandchildren visiting us too!




It is and always will be a true family business, founded on Carlo’s heart felt sincerity and dedication to always try and provide people the very best in quality, choice and value.

To quote Confuscious, ‘choose a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life’… Carlo has certainly done that.

From opening his first shop in the 70’s to developing the showroom in Bedford, Carlo has loved, lived and breathed every moment.

Read what our children have to say about growing up in the business…

My Childhood at Carlos

My Childhood at Carlos

Some of my earliest memories growing up were Saturday mornings in winter in the Stony Stratford shop. There was a small office in the back with a huge map of the south of England on it. It was well out of date. The M25 wasn’t even on the map but I remember looking all...

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Growing up at Carlos

Growing up at Carlos

I have never known anyone who works as hard as my father and growing up, this strong work ethic was something he certainly wanted to instil in his children. I believe my first official job at Carlos was when I was about five, dusting and cleaning in his first shop in...

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