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All this sunshine we’ve had recently has got us dreaming of golden beaches, clear blue water and gorgeous holiday apartments. So we thought we’d bring a little bit of that to our showroom in Bedford, and where better to draw inspiration for a Mediterranean holiday styled room than the Greek Islands?

Crisp white and blue accents is the go to colour pallet for Greek style. White was used to paint the exteriors of buildings to help reflect the heat of the Aegean sun, whilst the blue influence could be from the intense blue of the ocean or the sky. Also, the first settlers of the Cycladic islands made their homes in the natural volcanic caves, hence why curves and archways feature a lot in Greek architecture. However, if you don’t have a homely cave to hand then you could frame windows and doors with arches to create the look.


Greek décor also draws a lot of its style from natural elements, so natural stone and wood pieces, like our natural root table, are great for adding an earthy and authentic feel to your room.

Finally, symmetric patterns (Greek meanders) are a staple of Greek style. However, you don’t want to go too overboard. Our Mandikini range made with mango wood with a subtle imprinted pattern is perfect for this, and then accessories can be used to bring in bolder patterns and bring the room together.

So to refresh:

  • Go for a crisp white with blue accents colour scheme
  • Incorporate natural materials, such as wood and stone
  • Add symmetric patterns, best used on décor accessories such as cushions or lamps


Then you can sit back, relax, and imagine yourself soaking up the sun on a Greek coast!