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Rustic and industrial may seem like two styles which shouldn’t cohabit under one roof. When you think of the two styles, two different types of home usually spring to mind. On the one hand you’ve got an old warehouse, or a modern loft in the city, and on the other a quaint cottage or farmhouse out in the countryside. However, when you break them down they actually have more in common than you might think.

So here are some of the basics for each style:


  • Earthy and neutral colours
  • Exposed wooden beams and exposed bricks
  • Cosy, oversized chairs
  • Weathered/ distressed/ natural wooden furniture
  • Vintage/ upcycled antique pieces


  • Earthy, neutral and metallic colours
  • Exposed everything. Beams/ pipes/ bricks
  • Metal framework
  • Raw wood
  • Vintage and reclaimed pieces

The common elements make it easier to mix these two styles, whilst using the differences to create interest and statements within the room. We created this in our showroom and as such we were able to make use of our warehouse location, however this look can easily be achieved in any home.

For the walls we chose a neutral colour, but used a paint technique on one wall to create accents of exposed brick work. We then chose furniture pieces from our Mango range. The wood has such a warm depth of colour to it, bringing out its rustic charm, yet the straight lines and sturdy structure of these particular pieces encapsulates a modern industrial style.

Then to add a little character to the room we used a bookshelf and sideboard made from distressed, reclaimed wood with metal detailing. A sofa covered in metallic gunmetal leather is a nod to industrial colours.

Our glass topped console table made from recycled roots is perfect for bringing a touch of nature into the home, fitting in with the rustic style and serving as an excellent conversation piece.

For the finishing touches we chose an incredible abstract painting by Mark-Ralph which ties in all the colour of the room. Lamps made from worked metal and recycled bicycle parts nod to the industrial theme whilst distressed photo frames add a rustic touch.

What’s great about these two styles is that you can throw almost anything at them and it’ll work, which means it’s very easy to incorporate elements of each style into one room. But most of all- you can just have fun with it!