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You know the feeling of writers block, or staring at a blank canvas? It’s easy to feel the same when beginning to decorate your own home. Well don’t worry! Whether you’ve just moved house, or simply fancy a change, we’ve come up with three easy steps to follow to help you on your way to your perfect home.



Crunch the numbers

It might not be the most exciting part of the process, but you know what they say- preparation is key!

Start with one room and get the dimensions written down, you could then create a drawing to scale of each room to help you visualise how your key pieces of furniture are going to fit in. (If you have recently moved you may even be able to get your hands on the floor plan for the house). There are a few other things to take note of at this stage. Where are the electrical points?  Extension cables are a wondrous invention, however if you’re able to structure your room so that electrical items are near the plug points, it will minimise the amount of cables needed. Also consider how much natural light there is, is there a dark corner that might need some additional lighting?

A well placed mirror could help to capture light coming in through a window and throw it back out into the room, or if you have a very dark room you may wish to choose a lighter colour scheme.


Sort out your key pieces

The next step is to decide upon the function of each room. Think of questions such as who will be using each room, and for what purpose? The answers to these will then determine what key pieces of furniture you will need, enabling you to compile a list for each room. Some will be straightforward, for example a bedroom will need a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. However, depending on who the room is for you may also need a dressing table, bedside tables, additional storage, perhaps a desk.



If you are happy with your existing furniture, then start to play around with how they can fit into the room. If there are any pieces you are unsure of don’t rule out the possibility of upcycling them to either make them a more comfortable fit into your new home, or to give them a completely different function.


Now comes the fun part!

Start to gather your inspiration, look around at what other people have done (Pinterest is brilliant for this!). Don’t worry too much about keeping to a theme or a style at this point, just pick out the things you like and then see if there’s a common thread running through it all. You should then have an idea of what colours, textures, themes or styles you like, which means it’s time to head out and find those things that will bring your home to life.

Here’s where we can help! We stock a whole range of different styles and we are more than happy to help you find what you are looking for, from sorting out the key pieces to helping you incorporate texture, patterns, colours and most importantly- you- into your home. Our in-house designer is even on hand for home visits to talk through all the different possibilities and help you personalise your space.






The most important thing to remember is that our homes are an extension of ourselves and therefore our individual style and personality should be expressed and celebrated.






Choose only to surround yourself with the things you truly love!